During my freshman year, AGO has taught me the value of brotherhood in Christ as a tool to strengthen my faith through vulnerability and accountability. The brothers have pushed me to think more critically of faith and consider why I am a Christian. Through the process of pledgeship, I gained greater understanding of my faith and confidence in how to articulate my faith to spread the gospel. Overall, the AGO has allowed me to experience strong ties of brotherhood with great Christian men who strive to deepen each other’s spiritual lives.
-Carlo “Bosun” Barrera, Active

Joining AGO has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It has provided me with a strong community of Christian brothers who show compassion and tough love, each at the right time. It has put me through many growing moments and let me take ownership and leadership of Christian faith-based activities. And most importantly, it’s really propelled me to grow closer to God, together with other Christian men.
-Eric “Sensei” Beckmann, Tau Founder

AGO has been one of the main motivators for me to take Christ-based relationships seriously. Even though I grew up Christian, I hadn’t talked much about my personal spiritual walk with anyone. Not only did AGO foster great relationships with the other AGO brothers, but it also encouraged me to be more open with people outside AGO about my faith. I’m truly glad I joined AGO.
-Nicky “Tokkat” Castillo, Active

Joining AGO as a freshman was initially a challenging decision, but I’m so grateful I did. Through AGO, I have found brothers who have walked alongside me through wonderful and difficult seasons of life alike, both before and after graduation. AGO has played a huge part in helping me to bring previously festering sin into the light, has helped mature me for marriage and life after college, and has challenged me to take my relationship with Christ much more seriously than I ever had before. I could not be the man I am becoming without this fraternity; God has used and continues to use this brotherhood powerfully in my life.
-Justin “Golden Tiger” DePalatis, Alumnus

Matthew 7 talks about identifying a tree by its fruit and I’d like to point out some of the fruit God has borne in my life through AGO. First and foremost the pledge process and being with guys more in love with Jesus than I helped me really to understand the Gospel as the cornerstone of my faith and my life. From that came two amazing things. One, I shared the Gospel with someone else for the first time (and have continued to do it with joy and conviction). Two, I actually started to regularly read God’s Word with help from my accountability partners. Christian brotherhood is not always easy, but I would not be the man I am today without my brothers besides me. It truly is a different perspective being in a Fraternity for Eternity.
-Spencer “Blaise” Chin, Alumnus